Head office: St-Hyacinthe, Québec

Number of employees:

300 in Quebec

80 in Ontario

60 in the United States

Processing plant:

Terrebonne (QC, Canada)

Utica (NY, USA)

Cambridge, (ON, Canada)

Current primary production:

Milk-fed veal

Current secondary production:

Grain-fed veal

Charlevoix veal

Niche pork

Production structure:

Quebec: Milk-fed veal, grain-fed veal, Charlevoix veal

125 family farms, including second and third generation farms, throughout the territory

Ontario: Niche pork

Specific production contracts with farmers


Niche pork

Specific production contracts with farmers

Écolait is a member of: Aliments du Québec, Conseil de la transformation agroalimentaire et des produits de consommation.


Organizational foundations

There are three core principles that guide all of Écolait’s decisions:

1) Product quality

Always concerned with providing healthy food to its clientele, Écolait is dedicated to developing and putting the highest quality products on the market. For over 35 years, Écolait has been producing and processing a wide range of products for the retail sector and the HRI industry, such as:

  • Primal cuts
  • Cuts ready for the retail and HRI industry
  • Processed products

Animal welfare:

Écolait has implemented numerous practices and protocols that make animal welfare an essential requirement for the quality of its products.

For Écolait, animal welfare is much more than a clean barn and sufficient space for each animal. The Company’s idea of animal welfare also takes into consideration respect for the animals. At no point during the rearing and slaughtering process should the animals suffer or experience undue stress. They must not be placed in confrontational situations, and all their needs should be met at all times. Écolait believes that this is the least it can do for animals that provide exquisite, high-quality meats.

Quality standards above all industry standards:

  • Certifications: HACPP, SQF
  • Bio-safety above the required standards and constant technical assistance
  • Complete and current specifications
  • Technical and logistical support for producers
  • High-tech processing plan


2) Production diversity (husbandry)

  • Milk-fed veal
  • Grain-fed veal
  • Charlevoix veal
  • Pork for niche markets


3) Workforce quality

  • A corporate culture based on what Écolait considers to be the first link in the industry: The farmers.
  • Employee respect and retention through continuing education programs and a modern and current ten-year collective agreement that meets industry requirements.
  • Technical resources to support all farmers throughout the territory.

4) Recruitment of producers

The recruitment of farm producers is done in compliance with the farmers’ autonomy and an exclusive business model that benefits the farmers as much as it does Écolait.