The Company’s strategic foundation and direction

1) Operational stability

10-year collective agreement for members of UFCW Canada Local 501


2) Responsible development

  • Partnership with the University of prince Edward Island’s faculty of veterinary medicine, a faculty world-renowned for its leading expertise in animal welfare. This partnership aims to develop complete specifications so that Écolait Ltd. can become a leader in animal welfare policies in the farming and processing industry.
  • Ongoing improvement of animal welfare policies within the Company in order to exceed the standards of current certifications and maintain a dynamic approach.
  • Maintain a humane farm development approach that is in compliance with all government policies and which takes into consideration land use and regional development in all territories where Écolait operates.
  • Contribute to sustainable economic development in all the regions by investing in the Company’s partner producers.
  • A procurement policy for milk, grain for animal consumption and most inputs used for animal farming that takes into account Écolait’s local purchasing principles.
  • Ongoing staff training and enhancement of research and development programs.
  • Ongoing cooperation with the organizations responsible for the implementation of the updating, development and simplification measures of income security programs.

3) Positioning

  • Development of new product brands that allow consumers to recognize Écolait products and the Company’s values.
  • Diversified development of products that bear the brand and promote Écolait’s values.
  • Build brand awareness with buyers and consumers based on the Company’s core values and ethics.
  • Continually implement concrete measures related to consumer expectations and promote Écolait’s social responsibility policies.

4) Recruitment of producers

The recruitment of farm producers is done in compliance with the farmers’ autonomy and an exclusive business model that benefits the farmers as much as it does Écolait.